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Frequently Asked Questions

We can quickly and easily answer all your questions

How do I get started as an investor with Kirby Investment Partners?

You can get started as an investor with KIP here:

The entire account creation and investment process is completed online via the Kirby Investment Partners website. You will be prompted to provide or verify any required information, as well as make the necessary acknowledgments electronically.

Q: What is Kirby Investment Equity Fund I, LLC?

A: Kirby Investment Equity Fund I, LLC is a newly formed company created for the specific purpose of identifying and purchasing a diverse portfolio of real estate assets. The Company has been formed to acquire various real estate assets throughout the United States. Although the Manager intends to initially search for properties located in Alabama, Florida, Georgia,  South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas, the Company will not limit itself geographically. The Company intends to focus its investment efforts on those properties that are income-producing; in other words, those properties that will produce positive cash flow immediately upon, or soon after, acquisition. It is expected that the Company will focus on Class A and B multifamily properties.


The Company intends to purchase properties that will appreciate in value over the expected hold period of seven (7) to ten (10) years. Through the use of quality third-party management, it is expected that the investments will appreciate due to superior locations and increased net operating income, over time.



Q: How will Kirby Investment Equity Fund I, LLC identify properties?

A: The Manager will search for properties using traditional methods of using brokers in the markets where the Manager believes there are opportunities.


Q: What kind of return may be expected by a Member?

A: The Company does not currently own any assets, therefore, returns are speculative. However, it is the Company’s intent to pay 65% (sixty-five percent) of the Distributable Cash to Class A Members in accordance with their pro-rata membership interest in the Company. 


Q: What is the minimum investment amount allowed?

 A: $5,000.


Q: Who may invest?

A: The Interests will be available to anyone, generally speaking, however, the Manager reserves the right to reject any subscription they wish. Further, investors will not be allowed to invest more than the greater of 10% of their net worth or their net income.


Q: Where can I buy Class A Interests?

A: All Interests will be available for purchase at


Q: Who is the Manager?

A: The Manager is Kirby Investment Partners, LLC. which is controlled by Yvonne Cobb. Yvonne Cobb is an entrepreneur, author, accountant, and speaker. She has worked with Fortune 100 companies foreign and domestic. Prior performance of real estate investments may be found in the section entitled “PRIOR PERFORMANCE.” For more info on Mrs. Cobb and other members of our Manager, please see “MANAGER, EXECUTIVE 



Q: How can I sell my Interests?

A: Generally speaking, the Interests will not be transferrable. Investors should consider investing in the long-term as disposition of the Interests will be difficult, if not impossible. The Company intends to operate for approximately ten (10) years at which time the Manager intends to employ a variety of exit strategies with the intent of then distributing the Capital Account Balances to the Members. Ideally, at or around ten years, the Company will begin to sell or refinance properties that have appreciated in value. Potential investors should note that the Operating Agreement does not compel the Manager to sell all the properties by year ten, and thus, there is a risk that an investor may remain in the Company indefinitely, although that is not the intention of the Manager as stated herein.



Q: Do you have a redemption program?

A: No. We do not currently have a redemption program. An investor should expect to remain in the Company for a period of ten (10) years. Potential investors should note that the Operating Agreement does not compel the Manager to sell all the properties by year ten, and thus, there is a risk that an investor may remain in the Company indefinitely, although that is not the intention of the Manager as stated herein.


Q: May I make an investment through my IRA or other tax-deferred retirement accounts?

A: Yes. You may make an investment through your IRA or other tax-deferred retirement accounts. In making these investment decisions, you should consider, at a minimum, (1) whether the investment is in accordance with the documents and instruments governing your IRA, plan, or other retirement accounts, (2) whether the investment would constitute a prohibited transaction under applicable law, (3) whether the investment satisfies the fiduciary requirements associated with your IRA, plan or other retirement accounts, (4) whether the investment will generate unrelated business taxable income (“UBTI”) to your IRA, plan or other retirement accounts, and (5) whether there is sufficient liquidity for such investment under your IRA, plan or other retirement accounts. You should note that an investment in our Class A Interests will not, in itself, create a retirement plan and that, in order to create a retirement plan, you must comply with all applicable provisions of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “IRS Code”).


It is the Company’s understanding that IRA and Roth IRA investments can be made through self-directed accounts which are not managed by the Company and most likely will be charged fees to manage the self-directed account. These fees will need to be paid by the investor and are not considered an expense of the Company.


Q: Is there any minimum initial offering amount required to be sold?

A: We intend to raise a minimum of $1,000,000 prior to using funds to purchase properties or for working capital. We may start funding properties as soon as we identify a property. In some circumstances, the management or some related entity may “pre-fund” a property, and funds from this offering will go to replace that “pre-funding” amount as funds are available.


Q: Will I be notified of how my investment is doing?

A: Yes, we will provide you with periodic updates on the performance of your investment in us, including:

    • an annual report;

    • a semi-annual report;

    • current event reports for specified material events within ten business days of their occurrence;

    • supplements to the offering circular, if we have material information to disclose to you; and

    • other reports that we may file or furnish to the SEC from time to time.


We will provide this information to you by posting such information on the SEC’s website at, on our website at, and an e-mail.


Q: When will I get my detailed tax information?

A: Your schedule K-1 tax information, will be provided by March 31st of the year following each taxable year.


Q: Who can help answer my questions about the offering?


Please contact:

Kirby Investment Partners, LLC

Investor Relations

         Office: (866) 995-4729


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